Rising Westmoreland Crime Placing Pressure on Sav-La-Mar Hospital

Senior Medical Officer at the Savanna La Mar General Hospital in Westmoreland, Dr. Alfred Dawes says he didn’t know some of the bullets being removed from victims were available in Jamaica.

He says the Hospital is struggling to cope with the increased pressure on its facilities due to rising crime and the partial closure of the Cornwall Regional Hospital. He was speaking at a press conference this afternoon.

Dr. Dawes says rising crime is pushing both the Hospital and staff to its limits. He says gunshot cases have gone up by almost 30-percent this quarter.

Dr. Dawes says the staff have been having difficulties coping with the stress.

Dr. Dawes says despite extensive improvements at the Savanna La Mar hospital and an increased staff complement, there’s been no linear improvement at the facility.

He says the partial closure of Cornwall Regional in St. James has seen the hospital averaging in excess of one-hundred percent of capacity.

He says the problem persists despite patient beds being placed in areas not originally created for that purpose; such as the nurses’ lounge.

Another area of concern for Dr. Dawes is motorcycle accidents. He says the Savanna La Mar Hospital is ground zero for motorcycle related trauma.