Road Aggregate Responsible for Trelawny Crashes?

Concerns are being raised this afternoon about the aggregate that was used on the Braco Main Road in Trelawny.

The concerns follow the fatal crash on the weekend that resulted in the death of four men.

The four are all foreign nationals — said to be from the Dominican Republic and Spain.

The Braco Main Road is a known hotspot for crashes that have resulted in multiple people losing their lives in recent years.

Civil Engineer and President of the Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica, Carvel Stewart, says he’s had concerns about the roadway for more than two years.

In fact, he’s raising concern about the entire strip of road along the North Coast Highway from Montego Bay, in St. James to Ocho Rios, in St. Ann.

He says, even at moderate speeds, he’s received reports of people experiencing difficulty driving on the Braco Main Road in Trelawny.

Mr. Stewart — who was speaking today on Cliff Hughes Online on Power 106 — says the aggregate used to make the asphaltic concrete is from limestone mined on the North Coast at a nearby quarry.

Mr. Stewart says limestone can be used but should be of a particular hardness. But he doubts that’s the case.

If the limestone isn’t hard enough, he says, that could make the roadway become dangerous.

He’s appealing to motorists to cut their speed when using that particular stretch of road.

He says the National Works Agency, NWA, would be responsible for oversight.