Road Fatalities Could Pass 400


The National Road Safety Unit, NRSU, is projecting a six per cent reduction in overall road fatalities for 2019 when compared to last year.

This despite a 39 per cent increase in fatal crashes, and a 33 per cent increase in road fatalities this year when compared to the corresponding period in 2018.

A total of 116 people perished on the nation’s roads in just over 100 fatal crashes so far this year. But Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council, NRSC, Dr Lucien Jones, says Jamaica could surpass 4 hundred road fatalities this year.

Dr Jones says the statistics are alarming.

He says those were the figures being recorded in 1993 when the NRSC was formed.

Dr Jones says significant effort by partner agencies and groups brought the numbers down but several factors have recently reversed those gains.

The National Road Safety Unit says motorcyclists account for 30 per cent of road users killed since the start of the year.

Meanwhile, Dr Jones says there are other issues driving up the number of road fatalities and fatal crashes which must be swiftly addressed.


Neika Lewis is an award-winning journalist with over 7 years of experience across radio, tv and the print media. A CARIMAC alum, Neika copped the Prime Minister’s Youth award for journalism in 2017. Her reporting on a Jamaican pilot incarcerated in Qatar in 2015 led to his release. Neika hunts for human interest stories.

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