Rockfort Residents want ‘Special Zones’ Attention

Residents of Rockfort in Eastern Kingston are appealing to Prime Minister Andrew Holness to have their community be given attention as part of the proposed zones of special operation.

They say gunmen from the area have vowed to kill more people before the end of this week.

This resident of Rockfort in East Kingston wants the Prime Minister and the Police Commissioner to have members of the security forces flood the area to flush out marauding gunmen.

But he says the security forces should not alert the public to their plans.

Gunmen have been trading bullets in sections of East Kingston over the past few weeks.

The residents say the exchanges intensified this week.

A man on Oliver Road told our news team, who visited the area yesterday, that gunmen from Jarrett Lane killed a man on Saturday.

He says the gunmen have vowed that another person will die before Sunday.

The resident says the gang feud, which is now escalating, started last year.

He’s calling on the Police to turn their attention to Jarrett Lane.

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