‘Rogue Cops Undermining JCF’, says Former Commissioner


Rogue members of the JCF who’re working with criminals are undermining the efforts of the force to fight crime in St. James.

That’s the assessment of former Police Commissioner, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin.

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Admiral Lewin was speaking today with on Cliff Hughes Online on Power 106. He says his assessment is supported by “historical facts.”

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He says the Police should place more focus on infiltrating criminals networks.

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Meanwhile, Admiral Hardley Lewin, is calling for a radical overhaul of the command structure of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF.

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He says there are too many senior officers in the Force relative to the number of police officers.

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He says the problems in the Constabulary Force cannot be corrected through reforms because they are too down the tube.

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3 thoughts on “‘Rogue Cops Undermining JCF’, says Former Commissioner

  1. Fleety Blackwood

    Too many talkers and too few doers. Where is the GPS tracker on all police vehicles so command center can monitor the deployment. Recently the shooting of the Alpha student down town Kingston became such a great embarrassment for good Police men. It took an Inquisition and Scotland Yard to ferret out the men who committed this atrocity. I guess we are awaiting another IMF loan and a white man to come up with simple management solutions.

  2. chikV2Ebola

    These killings are more than lotto scammers and we will need to use more technology along with human intelligence to curb crime.

  3. D.D.T

    Mr. Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin this is common knowledge. Most cops can’t turn a blind eye to the money. You know how many times they try to bribe me to not write a ticket? How much would I have given them $1000 or $2000. Now imagine the big criminal dons who offering them a few more zeros well on the $1000 or $2000…sure corruption!

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