Rooksie Walks Free

The reputed leader of the Rose Town-based Discipline Gang, Uriel James is back on the streets.

He was today freed of murder when he appeared in the Home Circuit Court in Downtown Kingston. This, after DPP Paula Llewelyn entered a conditional nolle prosequi.

The DPP asked that the case be discontinued because the main witness in the matter cannot be located.

The case may be brought before the Court the main witness is located. James was accused of murdering James Anderson in 2011. He was represented in Court today by Jacqueline Samuels-Brown.

The main witness who cannot be located is Nicky Murray. James was originally charged with three murders.

A jury had acquitted him of one of those murders last year. He is on bail in connection with the third charge.

In 2013, former Police Commissioner Owen Ellington described James as one of the country’s most reputed gangsters. James denied the allegation.

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