Ruling Expected Today in JDF Immunity in Keith Clarke Case

A ruling is expected today regarding whether or not three soldiers implicated in the murder of Keith Clarke in 2010 will face prosecution.

This after JDF’s attorney, Paul Beswick submitted in court on Monday certificates of immunity signed by former Security Minister, Peter Bunting.

The submissions to have the certificates admitted would exempt the soldiers from prosecution. The document purportedly gives the soldiers immunity under the Emergency Powers Act. The three soldiers are Greg Tingling, Odel Buckley and Arnold Henry.

The 2016 certificates of immunity say the action of the soldiers in 2010 ‘which may have contributed to or caused the death of Keith Clarke, were done in good faith in the exercise of the function of the security forces.’

The certificates go on to say this was done ‘for public safety, the restoration of order, the preservation of the peace and in the public interest.’

It says the actions of the security personnel was done during the declaration of the state of emergency in May 2010.

Meanwhile, the Prosecution has submitted that the defence attorneys are seeking to have documents admitted without any evidence to show the reason for the certificates of immunity and to satisfy its authenticity.

The Prosecution is questioning why no evidence has been provided to show the soldiers fired their weapons in good faith.

Mr. Clarke was shot multiple times in the 2010 State of Emergency when JDF soldiers say they got information that the now incarcerated Tivoli Gardens Don, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was hiding at Mr. Clarke’s home in Upper Kirkland Heights in St. Andrew.


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