Sandals Senior Director Echoes Concerns about Marginalization of Local Talent

At least one former President of the Hotel and Tourist Association and Sandals Senior Director, Wayne Cummings, is echoing the concerns that some local providers of goods and services are being marginalized in the tourism industry.

There are several claims emerging that these local suppliers are being replaced by foreigners.

Nationwide News understands in one instance, a local was told he’s being replaced by persons from overseas who share a closer economic relationship with the hotel owners.

It’s being claimed that a hotel group recently indicated they’d be terminating the contract of a local landscape service provider.

The local’s contract is being terminated so that the owners can hire a landscaping company from their native country.

Sandals Group Commercial Director, Wayne Cummings, is describing the practice as ‘unfair.’

Mr. Cummings was responding to claims of the practice while speaking earlier today on Cliff Hughes Online.

Local suppliers including those who supply chemicals and cleaning detergents are also being squeezed out of the sector.

These cleaning products are being sourced from suppliers outside of Jamaica.

The Sandals Group Commercial Director says Sandals uses a local company that operates at international standards.

Mr. Cummings says Sandals does not have a prejudice against foreign nationals.

However, if they’re foreign investors who’re seeking goods and service suppliers, they’d direct them to the locals.

Meanwhile, the Sandals Group Commercial Director is describing as ‘half-truths’ allegations that local bands are not paid as well as foreigners.

Mr. Cummings was responding to a number of allegations made in a video circulating in the public domain regarding the company’s hiring practices.

He says the bands are now being paid by the number of performances they do across the properties.

Initially, the practice was to pay the bands weekly.

He also addressed an allegation that a foreigner was head of entertainment.

Wayne Cummings says all the dancers at Sandals’ properties in Jamaica are locals.

The dancers are provided by the company, Harmony, that has a contractual agreement with Sandals to provide entertainment.

Mr. Cummings says the only foreigners are the acrobats. He explained that the local acrobats are always fully booked.


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