Sandz Promoters Apologize for Palisadoes Chaos

The promoters of the popular party ‘Sandz’ have apologised for the traffic gridlock on the Palisadoes road following their event on New Years Day.

Motorists were stuck in traffic for up to five hours leading to significant delays and cancellations at the airport.

This as flight crews, including pilots and other passengers were stuck in traffic. The roadway is the only one leading to the Norman Manley International Airport.

In a statement on social media site, Instagram, yesterday, the promoters of the event apologised for any ‘inconveniences caused by the traffic’. The promoters said patrons of the event were non-cooperative with the parking arrangements.

According to the statement patrons parked in unauthorised spaces which led to the build-up of traffic. The promoters say traffic recommendations were raised and agreed to before permission was granted to use the venue.

In addition, the promoters say security plans were shared with and approved by all superior bodies. They say these consist of hiring police to patrol the strip and the rental of additional parking spaces and shuttle buses. The promoters say they also advertised designated parking and placed signs on the road.