‘Say No to BUY-Election’ – Phillips

PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, is criticising the government for its decision to announce a multi-million dollar road rehabilitation project in St. Mary ahead of the pending by-election in South East St. Mary.

He says votes in the upcoming by-election ‘are not for sale’.

Last Friday, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the launch of a $625-million road rehabilitation project for the parish of St. Mary.

Work is to start in October.

Meanwhile, two former PNP presidents have pledged their support to the party’s candidate in South East St Mary, a political newcomer, Dr. Shane Alexis.

Former Prime Minister P.J Patterson says Dr. Alexis’ campaign team can call on him at any time.

P.J. Patterson, former Prime Minister and PNP President, speaking yesterday at the PNP’s Annual National Conference at the National Arena in Kingston.

And, Portia Simpson Miller also pledged to help Dr. Alexis take the seat.

The by-election in South East St. Mary became necessary following the sudden death of the former Member of Parliament, the PNP’s Dr. Winston Green.

Dr. Alexis and the JLP’s Dr. Norman Dunn will contest the election. It’s understood that the Prime Minister will announce the date for the by-election soon.


  • dorlanhfrancis

    Where was he when Omar almost bankrupt the nation to secure the 2002 victory for the PNP? The famous RUN WID IT program!

    • JAY

      That’s a darn good question. The answer is; he was right there and supported Omar every step of the way.