Security Minister Defends ‘Clear, Hold & Build’ Strategy

National Security Minister, Robert Montague, is defending the government’s push for legislation which will allow the security forces to carry out special operations in certain crime-plagued communities.

These communities will also benefit from social intervention programmes afterward.

Minister Montague who recently returned from a crime summit in Brazil, says he’s seen the clear, hold and build strategy at work.

Minister Montague argues that without the legislation the cost of crime to the country will become unbearable.

Robert Montague was speaking with Mark Wignall on Cliff Hughes Online on Tuesday.

The Zones of Special Operations, Special Security, Community Development Measures bill was tabled by Prime Minister Andrew Holness in the House of Representatives last month.

The legislation will give law enforcement special powers to saturate high-crime areas designated by the Prime Minister.

Despite criticisms from the Opposition, Prime Minister Holness says it’s balanced fairly between police powers and respect for human rights.