Security Minister Issues Rare Public Rebuke of Police Commissioner


In a rare public rebuke of a Police Commissioner and the Police Service Commission, PSC, by a National Security Minister, Robert Montague, publicly admitted today that members of the Constabulary Force are demotivated and demoralized!

And in a strident statement, he’s demanding that Police Commissioner, George Quallo and the Professor Gordon Shirley-led Police Service Commission act immediately to lift the morale of the JCF.

He’s blaming them for failing to promote JCF members despite hundreds of existing vacancies.

The Security Minister says both the PSC and the Commissioner should promote almost 4-hundred officers and rank and file members urgently because the government has the funding to pay them so long as they are deserving of the promotions.

In a statement today, the Minister says this could help tackle the demotivation and demoralization of members of the police force.

Minister Montague notes that there’re 64 open positions for inspectors, 85 for Assistant Superintendents, 14 for Deputy Superintendents, 11 for Superintendents and 10 Senior Superintendent positions to fill.

In addition, he charged that it’s within the Commissioner’s remit to promote on merit 152 constables to corporals and 46 corporals to sergeants.

Minister Montague demanded that they be promoted now or Commissioner Quallo should state why they are not being promoted.

He says in the past year and a half there has been no broad scale promotions in the JCF.

The Security Minister says he’s concerned that persons have sat exams three times and more and have satisfied the requirements but have not been promoted.

The Minister’s call comes amid what he calls the longstanding issue of widespread discontent among members of the JCF concerning promotions.

He’s also demanding that Commissioner Quallo should update and upgrade the promotions policy to make it more transparent, merit-based and easily understood.


8 thoughts on “Security Minister Issues Rare Public Rebuke of Police Commissioner

  1. dukeofearle

    Promotion mean more money, this government and previous wont pay these men what they deserve yet the Police Commissioner should do the Promotion, where the money is going to come from to pay for these promotion. this is not farming and only might add fertilizer to the soil. wake up Bobby and stop insulting these carrier police officer.

    1. RasBenjiMassop

      Perhaps you didn’t read the story well. Let me quote. “the government has the funding to pay them”… therefore the hesitation lies at the footstep of the commissioner and the police services commission.
      One Love!

      1. JAY

        You have people who read, but they lack the comprehension side of things or they choose to. Because the statement you put in quotes and reminded that person of.. is a elementary as it gets.


      Before you ask Bobby to wake up as the Commissioner to respond. The Minister put numbers. So the ball is now in the Commissioner to give the reason. This Commissioner has been silent on many of issues since he has taken office. So far it seem the Public Service Commission has gotten it wrong. From what I see there has been no leadership from the body. They have let down the people of Jamaica.

  2. RasBenjiMassop

    “Any port in a storm Minister”. Since the subject is trending…let’s confront the ‘motivation’ issue among the force. Good move!
    One Love!

  3. dukeofearle

    As someone that serve my Country well in both Armed Forces I am aware of what is happening, talk don’t solve problem, if the truth is to be told one would understand, Police are underpaid they refuse to increase their salaries and allowances. it was just last week that they refuses to give the police even half of what they ask for but a meager 3% in the first year and 3% in the second year, if it was so great why so much resignation, wake up my brothers and put politics aside. promotion mean adding more money to salary and allowances.

  4. QC

    The minister recently declared that Jamaica has the best trained police force in the Western Hemisphere. More recently he made top down changes to curtail turn over rate. Now he has publicly rebuked the newly minted commissioner. Didn’t he also tie promotion to pickney maintenance? Is he the minister of Police or minister of National Security? What is his portfolio? I have not heard much from him on ZOSO.

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