Security Minister Questions Investment Sources of Major Gun Shipments to Jamaica

Security Minister, Robert Montague, is again questioning who’s paying for large quantities of guns being shipped to Jamaica.

This follows yesterday’s revelation of a major gun find in Miami in November that was destined for Jamaica, where 119 guns, including high powered rifles were intercepted.

Meanwhile, Mr. Montague says months of intelligence and partnership led to the gun bust.

Reports are that the Outbound Enforcement Team at the Miami International Airport found the weapons while conducting a routine inspection on November 13.

During the inspection, two blue shipping barrels said to contain personal effects were identified.

A physical inspection revealed food items, cat litter, a cardboard box labelled as a four-drawer dresser, and a cardboard box labelled as a television stand.

Further investigations revealed that the personal effects actually contained 4 rifles and 115 pistols.


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