Senate President Monitoring Campaign Finance Bill

President of the Upper House and member of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, ECJ, Senator Tom Tavares Finson says the ECJ has appointed an officer to monitor the Campaign Finance Bill.

Senator Tavares Finson says without the proper infrastructure in place to monitor and implement the bill, it would be set back.

He says the new officer is ranked at the level of a Deputy Director of Elections who will be assisted by an accounting staff.

However, Executive Director of the National Integrity Action, NIA, Professor Trevor Monroe says concerns must be raised about the large number of legistative matters before the Parliamentary Council.

He says this factor would put a delay on the implementation of the Campaign Finance Reforms.

But Senator Tavares Finson says the ECJ does not only rely on the Government’s legislative drafters.

On Monday, Nationwide reported that a recent report by PNP Treasurer Norman Horne implicated some senior members of the party of misappropriation of campaign funds.

In the run up to the February 25 general elections the Jamaica Labour Party said within the first 100-days in Government they would pass the Campaign Finance Reform bill among other things.

However that pledge has not been kept.