Send DPP a Message – Christie

Former Contractor General, Greg Christie, says legislators should send a message to the Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP Paula Llewelyn, that she’s not above the law.

A war of words has erupted between the tough-talking former contractor general and the country’s chief prosecutor following a recent Organization of American States, OAS report.

The report states that the DPP has failed in her mandate to successfully prosecute corruption cases.

The OAS compilation upbraided the DPP’s office for failing to move against a number of persons, including public officials, recommended to her office for criminal prosecution.

Paula Llewelyn responded to the OAS report on Nationwide 90 FM by complaining that her office was not consulted before the report was published.

But, Mr. Christie is not impressed.

Speaking on the micro-blogging website twitter he asserted that the OAS was acting on sound information when it criticized the DPP’s low corruption prosecution record.

Hitting back, DPP Llewelyn argued that Mr. Christie has been too eager to have persons face criminal prosecution.

But Greg Christie fired back by saying Jamaica’s laws should be amended to provide for a right of review of the DPP’s rulings.

He affirmed that the DPP should not be above the law!

Miss Llewelyn also argued that a number of cases referred to her by the Corruption Prevention Commission, the Police and Mr. Christie while he was in charge of the OCG, were wanting.

Nonsense says Christie.

The former Contractor General says DPP Llewelyn appears to have forgotten that before finding her office’s corruption prosecution record wanting, a team of ‘OAS experts’ had carried out careful examination of referrals made by the OCG as well as her rulings.

According to Mr. Christie, ‘sadly, Paula Llewelyn is given to making excuses.’

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