Senior QC Chides Chides Judges for Effective ‘Industrial Action’

Queen’s Counsel Frank Phipps is chiding scores of judges who yesterday staged a summit resulting in the disruption of court proceedings.

The judges say Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ appointment of Justice Bryan Sykes to act in the role of Chief Justice and asking him to prove himself, tramples on the principle of separation of powers. But Mr. Phipps doesn’t agree.

The senior attorney-at-law is also likening the meeting of the judges to industrial action.

Mr. Phipps says he’s opposed to and took umbrage at the action of the judges which caused a disruption in the court system.

In the meantime, Retired High Court Judge, Hugh Small, says the Prime Minister’s action is an attack on the entire Judicial system. He says it’s important that judges respond with a unified voice to what he calls a ‘constitutional crisis’.

And, Director at Jamaicans for Justice, Rodje Malcolm, in reacting to yesterday’s move by the judges, says he’s saddened because it could have been avoided.

A well-placed source in the Administration says Justice Bryan Sykes will be fully appointed to the post of Chief Justice on Friday.


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