Seven to Face Courts for ‘Toll Evasion’

Seven motorists allegedly caught going through the Portmore toll plaza without paying appeared in the St Catherine Parish Court yesterday.

They are facing charges of toll evasion.

Some of the offending drivers are facing up to 37 charges of evasion.

The offences allegedly occurred over an eight-month period between May 2017 and February 2018.

Norman Thompson with 37 offences and Denmore Bowling with 29 are among five drivers who pleaded not guilty.

They return to court for trial on May 29.

Christopher Davis plead guilty to seven charges of toll evasion and was fined 5-thousand dollars or 14 days imprisonment.

In explaining to the court how the offence is committed, Police Corporal attached to the Constabulary’s Traffic Division, Lloyd Grant, said each vehicle would travel between four and eight inches behind each other through the toll plaza.

Corporal Grant said this prevents the toll gate from closing as the continuous line of traffic keeps the electronic gate open.

Section six of the Toll Road Act sets the maximum fine for each toll evasion offence at 10- thousand dollars.

Davis Christopher, plead guilty to seven toll evasion charges and was fined 5-thousand dollars or ten days imprisonment.


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