Several Communities Marooned Following Heaving Rains

With the rains over the last 48 hours, residents of several communities across four parishes have been marooned.

Both the police and the National Works Agency, NWA, are reporting that several roads have been blocked or rendered impassable, due to landslides and flooding.

The Bog Walk Gorge in St. Catherine is now impassable due to flooding.

However, it’s the parishes of St. Mary and Portland that seem to be most affected.


In St. Mary:

– The Pencar River has overflowed its banks, resulting in several homes in Annotto Bay being flooded.

– The Junction road was rendered impassable due to landslides, but it’s now being reopened.

– Landslides have left persons in Alleppo Heights, Flinch River Road and Rock River marooned.

– The May River has overflowed, resulting in the Enfield main road being impassable.

– The road from Border to Cuffy Gully is also now blocked, as well as the stretch from Camberwell to Georges Hope.

– The authorities are also advising persons to travel cautiously along the Broadgate, Devon Pen and Castleton main roads, as there are landslides in those areas.

– Additionally, the Robins Bay main road leading to the Rose End main road as well as Quebec in Port Maria, are currently flooded due to rivers overflowing its banks.


In Portland:

– The main road from Windsor to Moore Town is impassable.

– Persons are now marooned in the Berrydale area, as a section of the stretch from Fellowship to Berrydale, is now flooded.

– The road from Balcarres to Buff Bay is now blocked and landslides are impacting the road from Church Corner to Mire Park.

– The Seamans Valley area is also flooded and impassable.

– Swift River, Orange Bay and Spring Gardens areas in Portland are also impassable due to flooding.


And, in St. Andrew:

– The main road leading to Newcastle is now blocked by a massive landslide.

In St. Thomas:

– The community of Hagley’s Gap is now marooned, resulting from flooding of the White, Yallahs and Negro Rivers.

The Member of Parliament for Western St Thomas, James Robertson, is lamenting that no attention has been given to repairing the bridge in the community.

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James Robertson, MP West St. Thomas.