‘Sex For Promotions’ – Cops Frustrated by Spiteful Obstructions to their Advancement


Some rank and file members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, are speaking out publicly about how their seniors demand sex from them for promotion.

They’ve laid bare how pervasive this culture is in the Police Force, saying it happens every day.

If and when they refuse the sexual advances of their seniors, they say they’re punished by being denied promotions. They say they’re also arbitrarily transferred, disrupting their family lives.

The police personnel who spoke last evening on Nationwide @5, asked that their identities be concealed, fearing they’d be victimized. But they didn’t hide their frustration with the problem they suggest is essentially the norm in the 150-year-old Jamaica Constabulary Force.

One policeman says it’s not a problem for only women in the Force. He says policemen are also approached by their seniors for sex on a daily basis.

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The policeman, who we called Michael, has been serving in the JCF for 19 years. He says when policemen and women reject the sexual demands of their seniors, they’re transferred out of spite.

According to him, some police personnel end up being transferred multiple times if they consistently reject what he says are sometimes persistent demands. He says senior officers at the police stations where they’re transferred would be informed and they’d be ridiculed by them.

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Michael went further, declaring that despite being in the JCF for nearly two decades, he’ll not be promoted. And he knows precisely why.

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Sandra is a policewoman who spoke out in last evening’s interview. Again, that’s not her real name. She’s served in the JCF for eight years.

She says refusing requests or demands for sexual favours will result in police personnel being transferred to what she describes as ‘undesirable’ areas.

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Sandra and Michael are speaking out as the National Security Minister, Robert Montague, has publicly lamented that the police are ‘demotivated’ and ‘demoralized’, placing this issue front and centre in the public domain — in a way that’s unusually frank.

In a strongly-worded statement this week, he’s condemned Police Commissioner, George Quallo and the Chair of the Police Services Commission, Professor Gordon Shirley over what he describes as the longstanding issue of widespread discontent among members of the JCF concerning promotion.

He’s demanded that Commissioner Quallo and the PSC immediately fill nearly 400 vacant positions in the JCF by promoting ranks and file members and officers who deserve to be promoted.

He’s also criticized the leadership of the Police Force saying its promotion policy needs to be more transparent and merit-based. And, another policeman, Jamie, who spoke yesterday on Cliff Hughes Online, says he, too, feels demotivated.

Jamie says he’s been in the JCF for 12 years. But he says he’s never been promoted despite twice passing the JCF’s promotion exam which he says isn’t easy.

[audio_mp3 url=”http://nationwideradiojm.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Jamie-did-test-twice-Sept-7-2017-EDITED.mp3″]

He says he feels he hasn’t been promoted because he doesn’t have any great connection with anyone in leadership of the Police Force who could push through his promotion. He says promotion in the JCF is heavily dependent on ‘who you know’.

Jamie says he’s not encouraged to continue working in the JCF, admitting he’s seeking other opportunities.

[audio_mp3 url=”http://nationwideradiojm.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Demotivated-said-police-officer-September-7-2017-EDITED.mp3″]

In his statement on Wednesday, Security Minister, Robert Montague, said he’s concerned that some police personnel have sat exams three times and more and have satisfied the requirements but have not been promoted.


4 thoughts on “‘Sex For Promotions’ – Cops Frustrated by Spiteful Obstructions to their Advancement

  1. Fifi Laphue

    Yes, Yes, now we know why CRIME cannot be solved! The force is being brutalized INTERNALLY!
    The big man and woman dem is abusing the rank and file. As above, so below.
    Speak the truth Bobby Monteque and speak it ever, cost it what it will. You might lose your life. Now we hearing what is really going on! And I believe the officers because you have to do a test. These people passed the test, WHY no promotion? The Press need to keep an eye on the future of these police who reported these issues. Because its not hard to be gunned down in the streets.

  2. Jack Russell

    Whether there isa great deal of substance int this reort or not you can bet that there will be some. What is clear though is that the promotion of police personnel is deeply flawed the fault of that is the police services commission. If there are 400 vacancies outstanding what a disgraceful turn of events when worthy officers are being denied a promotion and pay increase

  3. rob. e. e. brown

    Poorly-supported, unprofessionally-written, incomplete story that does not deserve to have seen the light of day in its present state.

    It is a puerile “he said, she said” lazy piece of work, to begin with. A thousand of these could be created a day. Any two members of any organisation with thousands of workers could, on any given day, contrive such allegations. Has the reporter sought corroboration? Aside from the likelihood that members of the public and even some journalist may believe and might want to believe such unproven tales, is there compelling or competently-researched data in this story that makes it worth the space is has commandeered?

    Has the reporter spoken with the employers /supervisors of the force, in general, or the alleging officers, in particular, to test the veracity of their accounts or to try and ascertain whether they might have other reasons for making the current allegations? Do we give people air time simply because they allege?

    As to the 400 “vacant positions …”, does their mere existence mean that they must be filled by persons who pass the ‘relevant’ exams? Are there other factors to be taken into account for promotion? Is there money to provide salaries for all these positions? Might the non-filling of these positions have as much (or even more) to do with the government as it has to do with the JCF?

    Having read this article I am more concerned about the state and competence of journalism/journalists than I am with the state of the JCF.

    From the use, misuse, and abuse of the English language – vital tool of trade of the journalist – to the juvenilely-pieced-together or deliberately-written biased story, there is much cause to worry about the integrity, utility, and nation-building quality of the journalistic information we receive.

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