Shane Alexis Insists He’s Duly Nominated


The PNP Candidate in South East St Mary, Dr. Shane Alexis, is maintaining that he was duly nominated yesterday to contest the October 30 by-election.

He says his status as a Commonwealth citizen makes him eligible to sit in the House of Representatives.

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Dr. Alexis says he came to Jamaica when he was two years old. He explained that he was born in Canada in 1978 when his mother was studying in that British Commonwealth country.

However, he says this doesn’t disqualify him from serving the people of South East St. Mary.

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Dr. Alexis argues that despite not being born here he’s a bred Jamaican.

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The Representation of the People’s Act stipulates that a candidate is eligible to enter the Lower House once he or she is a Commonwealth citizen, resident in Jamaica for 12 months immediately preceding that date.


2 thoughts on “Shane Alexis Insists He’s Duly Nominated

  1. A.L.Smalling

    There is not doubt that you are duly elected. The question is how can you justify not be being a Jamaican and seeking to represent the people of Jamaica. Your party is anti-Commonwealth, just ask PJ. Withdraw now — to show you have integrity.

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