Shaw Lauds Local Cannabis Company for Multi-Million Dollar Investment


Industry Minister Audley Shaw is lauding Jamaican-owned Cannabis company, Jacana, for making a multi-million dollar investment in the industry and being the first local entity to export cannabis flower from Jamaica.

Addressing a recent ceremony, Minister Shaw said the development shows that Jamaica is emerging as a leader in one of the fastest growing global industries.

Minister Shaw says Jamaica will play a crucial role in addressing the global demand for medical cannabis. He says the island will be placed at the forefront of the effort to increase patient access to medical cannabis and its many benefits. The Industry Minister says he’s heartened to see Jamaican businesses such as Jacana drive research and innovation in the Cannabis field.

Minister Shaw says the investment is likely to create jobs across the island and bring international investment that will fuel the growth and development of the local economy.

In a statement issued Friday, Jacana said its investment aims to provide natural relief for chronic pain and suffering experienced by an estimated 1.5 billion people globally.

The company’s CEO, Alexandra Chong is commending the Government for its commitment to developing the Cannabis industry. He says the work of the Cannabis Licensing Authority, CLA, in establishing regulations and governance has positioned Jamaica to benefit from the multi-billion dollar industry.

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