‘Shocking’ Public Sector Patience

United States Ambassador to Jamaica, Luis Moreno, says he’s absolutely shocked, at the patience public sector unions have exercised with the government during the 5-year wage restraint period.

But he says it’s important that the government continues to get the necessary support as it seeks to bring growth to the economy.

Mr. Moreno has hailed the Government for the accomplishments it has already made under the IMF programme.

At a Rotary luncheon today, he called for collective support of the reform programme under the 4-year programme of the Washington-based multi-lateral institution.

He says while he recognized the sacrifices that public sector workers have made to keep the programme on track, he’s impressed yet shocked at their level of patience.

Mr. Moreno says the United States will continue to partner with Jamaica until the country achieves its economic potential.

Mr. Moreno has called on the Government to speedily implement measures to simplify business regulations and fight corruption — in order to make the economy more competitive.