Simmons Protects Golding From Deborah Martin

The Chairman of Commission, Sir David Simmons, says it seems former Prime Minister Golding, was unaware of how activities by criminals in Tivoli Gardens in May 2010 had escalated and were affecting other communities in the Corporate Area.

Sir David made the comment in reply to objections raised by the lawyer for the Office of the Public Defender, Lord Gifford, about the relevance of questions being asked of Mr Golding by Deborah Martin.

He later clarified that his comments did not mean he’d made any conclusions about Mr. Golding.

He made the clarification after Mr. Golding’s lawyer, Ransford Braham, raised concern that a certain impression could’ve been given by his comments.

Mr. Golding said he was unaware — at the time — of exchanges of gunfire between the security forces and criminals in the Constant Spring and the Red Hills areas of St. Andrew.

He said he was also unaware that a Supreme Court judge was reportedly shot at, as well as a member of the DPP’s staff.

He said he learnt about those occurrences in a report by the security forces sent to him in January, 2011.

Today, Mr. Golding revealed that the police informed him that they’d found the bodies of a number of people dumped in Tivoli but suspected the people were killed before the operation.

Mr. Golding said the police also informed him that they suspected the killing of the people had nothing to do with the operation.

He says that revelation was made to him in a January, 2011 report submitted by the Constabulary Force.

Bruce Golding, former Prime Minister, under cross examination by attorney for the JDF, Deborah Martin.