Simpson Miller Gives $15M to Alleviate Drought Condition in Several Parishes

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has allocated 15 million dollars to assist those parishes that have been severely affected by the ongoing drought.

Speaking on Sunday at the annual Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show in Clarendon, Mrs. Simpson Miller says the money will be used for the trucking of water in St. Elizabeth, Clarendon and Manchester.

The Prime Minister also implored farmers to desist from using the slash and burn method to clear land for cultivation.

In July a farmer from Potsdam in St Elizabeth, Milverton Simpson, died from smoke inhalation, after a fire he was using to clear a plot of land, got out of control.

Mrs. Simpson Miller says farmers need to be more careful

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, speaking in Denbigh, Clarendon.