Simpson-Miller Insists She’ll Make Budget Speech as Opposition Leader

PNP President, Portia Simpson Miller, has declared that she’ll be contributing to the 2017/2018 budget debate in March in her capacity as Leader of the Opposition.

Mrs. Simpson Miller announced last year that she’ll not be seeking re-election as PNP president at the party’s annual conference in September.

But she’s yet to give a specific timeline for her departure.

Today Mrs. Simpson Miller gave her clearest indication yet that she’ll not be making way in time for the man widely tipped to succeed her, Dr. Peter Phillips, to make his first budget presentation as Opposition Leader and PNP President.

Today, Mrs. Simpson-Miller told Nationwide News that she’ll be making her presentation in the budget debate as Opposition Leader.

It’s understood that PNP Chairman Robert Pickersgill is facing pressure from several influential members of the party for failing to bring the matter of Mrs. Simpson Miller’s departure before the Executive of the party.

Plans were reportedly in place for Mr. Pickersgill to meet with Mrs. Simpson Miller recently to settle on a timetable for her departure.

But that meeting did not materialize because Mrs. Simpson Miller was not available.

It’s understood that several influential members of the PNP officer corps are pushing for Mrs. Simpson Miller to resign quickly.

This to allow Peter Phillips to address the budget debate as Opposition Leader.


  • Nathan777

    Why is she causing the PNP and the Office of the Opposition Leader, so much pain and uncertainty?. She says she does not want to seek another term as Party leader, but then she refuses to give a departure date from the Office of the Opposition Leader and PNP President. The tension she is causing is unfortunate and sad, I guess we can look out for her saying that she will change her mind. And indeed run for another term as PNP President and maybe Prime Minister again.