Sizzla Arrested After Using Expletives-laced Lyrics at Police-invited Event

Dancehall artiste Miguel Collins, more popularly known as Sizzla Kolanji, has been charged for using expletives onstage during a performance at the Falmouth Police Station Sunday morning.

Sizzla had been invited in good faith to perform at the station for an entertainment event organised by the police Community Safety & Security Branch, a community outreach arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

However, on entering the stage, his opening sentence was reportedly laced with expletives as he berated the police.

The police, who had invited the artiste, did not turn a blind eye to his performance and he was taken from the stage and charged.

Some persons in attendance at the event said they were angered by his removal from the stage, arguing that the police knew his style and should not have invited the artiste if they did not want to hear what he had to say.

The majority of attendees, however, were of the view that Sizzla’s performance was an attack on, and disrespectful to, law and order, particularly since he was performing at the station said to be one of the largest in the Caribbean.

4 thoughts on “Sizzla Arrested After Using Expletives-laced Lyrics at Police-invited Event

    1. Paul M Carroll

      Swaggy! Sizzla is out of control I guess. But say what you want – cussin a few “badwud” pales in comparison to the actions of the police who kill with impunity to “clear up” murders.

      1. Swaggy

        Paul M Carroll , stop condoning the Ras behaviour ! … Sizzla is an international figure and does not “cuss badwud” on those international stage to his international fans… Yes the police cus badwud in piles and yes they kill Jamaicans under questionable circumstances too.
        But I cannot feel proud when I hear Sizzla acting like an amateur !
        Hey ! yu think a you alone rate the Ras ? …… yu know how much youths love & rate the Ras ?…. A GOOD EXAMPLE WE SEH !!!!!

  1. Paul M Carroll

    Now you tell me. Who chat more badwud than Po-lice. The asked for a performance and it seems like they got it. After all he was just talking their language.

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