Skerrit Defeats Cameron to Take Helm of Cricket West Indies


For the first time in six years there’ll be a new man at the helm of Cricket West Indies.

Former Manager of the West Indies, Ricky Skerritt is the new President. He defeated incumbent, Dave Cameron 8 – 4 at the Jamaica Pagasus Hotel, yesterday. His running mate, Dr Kishore Shallow who challenged Emmanuel Nanthan also won by the same margin.

Skerritt says the endorsement from former West Indies players help his campaign.

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Both sides leveled claims and counter claims during the two months campaign. Now that the elections are over Skerritt says he’s willing to extend the olive branch to Cameron and Nanthan in the interest of Cricket West Indies.

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Meanwhile Cameron and Nanthan thanked the team of people who supported them throughout their three-term tenure from 2013 to 2019. They say they were glad to be able to serve and proud of our achievements. They say they are happy that they left 123 players under contract.

West Indies Cricket now has a home owned by the board at Coolidge Cricket Grounds. The world championships and bringing back the Wisden Trophy are also other achievements that they are proud of. More than anything else they believe they leave a fit youthful team that is prepared to face the world.

Veteran Cricket Commentator, Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira, says the result took him by surprise. He says the entire region anticipated a 6-6 tie.

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Alrick Swaby is a reporter/producer at Nationwide News Network. He started his career with the now defunct Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, JBC, in 1995. He has experiences in radio and television broadcasting, reporting and production. He is now on his second stint with Nationwide after rejoining in 2012, Pursuing his passion.

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