‘Slap on The Wrist’ for Hampton Principal


A ‘slap on the wrist’ is as much action the Board of Hampton School will likely take against its Principal, Heather Murray, who’s facing backlash after she appeared at the St. Elizabeth Parish Court on Wednesday.

That’s according to the Chairman of the Board, Trevor Blake.

Mrs. Murray was among several persons who gathered outside the courtroom where the child sexual molestation of a 15-year-old girl, involving the Pastor of the Nazareth Moravian Church, Rupert Clarke, was being heard in-camera.

She was one of two women who barred photo and video journalists from recording images of the scene outside the courtroom.

The Chairman of Hampton’s Board, Trevor Blake, last evening grudgingly admitted that Mrs. Murray’s presence outside the court on Wednesday was a bad idea.

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He believes Mrs. Murray had a lapse in judgement in trying to block journalists from taking pictures of the accused pastor as he was being taken away from court by the police.

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He says what reportedly transpired is unfortunate because he feels Mrs. Murray is a ‘phenomenal’ Principal.

Mr. Blake says Mrs Murray treats all the girls at Hampton like her own daughters.

But despite the intense criticism she’s facing, he says she’ll perhaps only get a slap on the wrist from the school’s Board.

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Mr. Blake says he doesn’t think he or Board will make an apology to the public.

He says he’ll discuss with Mrs. Murray whether she’ll make a more fulsome statement on the matter.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Murray says she went to the St. Elizabeth Parish Court to support the pastor’s wife, whom she says is a close friend of hers.

Nationwide News last evening received a statement prepared by Mrs. Murray, responding to the criticism she’s facing.

It was sent to us by the Chairman of Hampton’s Board, Trevor Blake.

In her statement, Mrs. Murray declares that she wants to to ‘set the record straight’ regarding her presence at the bail hearing of Reverend Clarke.

She says she’s a long time friend of his wife, adding that they both attended Hampton together, in the 1960s and 1970s.

She says they share a close relationship.

She says they’re both longtime educators who’ve been serving together for many years and have sat on a number of boards, committees and commissions together.

Mrs. Murray says they were married a year apart and their daughters were born a day apart in the same hospital.

She says when the news broke of Reverend Clarke being charged for having sex with a minor, she was the first person his wife turned to for solace and support.

She says she hasn’t left her friend’s side since because she needs her.

And that is why Mrs. Murray says she attended the court proceedings on Wednesday, to offer her friend, moral support.

Mrs. Murray says as a wife, mother of two daughters and principal of an all-girl school, she’s always seeking to protect and defend young children.

She says this has not, and will never change.

Meanwhile, Mr. Blake says he’s not sure whether the pastor’s wife was at court on Wednesday.

He says Mrs. Murray met yesterday with some Board members, and offered her explanation.

We asked him if they asked Mrs. Murray whether the pastor’s wife was present.

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4 thoughts on “‘Slap on The Wrist’ for Hampton Principal

  1. Vinn

    If the vitriolic comments been proffered are anything to go by, the attorney representing the accused ought to be condemned for seemingly taking sides with him!

    1. Free Jamaica

      The attorney has a duty to perform. You cannot just hear one side of a case and judge a person as guilty

  2. Free Jamaica

    Whether the wife was present or not at the hearing has no bearing on what the principal said that she went to support her friend. The principal did nothing wrong she was displaying loyalty to a friend that most of us do not possess. Her actions have no bearing on whether she can protect the children who are in her care at the school. I cannot understand how more is being said about her that what is being said about the pastor who has committed the wrong. Even if she blocked the press from taking pictures there is nothing wrong with that. She just did not want her friend to have to look at her husband’s picture all over the media for being charged with such a heinous crime. That would be difficult for the wife’s wellbeing as well. The wife did not commit any crime and I doubt very much that she was aware of it if what he is being charged with is true. Remember that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I cannot even trust our policemen because if they cannot transport a criminal to the doctor without compromising the security of the criminal and allowed him to escape and now they are finding every other escaped criminal ouyt there except the one they are looking for, I do not know why we should take their words as gospel truth before the actual evidence comes out in court. I would like everyone to stop for a minute and put themselves in the place of the wife. Tell me if you would like to be left alone and abandoned by everyone when you are facing such trauma in your life.

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