Smith on Crime Reduction

Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Derrick Smith, has welcomed the decline in crime figures for 2014, but is warning that there already appears to be an upsurge in murders since the start of 2015.

The Opposition Spokesman says he’s concerned that Minister Bunting is becoming absorbed in celebrating the reduction, and could lose focus on continuing the process of solving the country’s crime problem.

Mr. Smith says former Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington, must also be given credit for laying the foundation for the reduction in crime, as well as the new Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams, for his efforts to continue the process.

He’s also pointing to several promises made by the National Security Minister which have not been fulfilled.

Derrick Smith, Opposition Spokesman on National Security, speaking with Nationwide News.

He’s urging the Minister to address the shortage of bullet-proof vests; the lack of a proper and effective communications system for quick responses to calls from the public; and the state of disrepair of police stations and lock-ups.