‘Special Policing Zones NOT Equivalent to State of Emergency’ – Holness


Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, is seeking to allay fears that the proposed special security measures he announced in the House of Representatives on Tuesday are equivalent to powers under a state of emergency.

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On Tuesday, he announced the tabling of new legislation giving him the ability to declare an area a zone for special policing and community development.

It could authorise the security forces to search places, vehicles or persons within specific areas without a warrant.

One view that has been reported is that legislation could allow for the creation of a zone of special operation for up to two months.

The Opposition People’s National Party has raised concerns.

Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting, says the legislation will give the Prime Minister the ‘de facto’ ability to declare a state of emergency without consulting Parliament.

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He’s also raising concerns about the ability of the security forces to impose curfews in these zones of special operation, restricting freedom of movement.

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