Specialist Maths, Science Teachers Increasingly Leaving Jamaica – Ministry Says


The Education Ministry is admitting that more specialist mathematics and science teachers are leaving the country.

President of the Jamaica Teachers Association, JTA, Dr. Garth Anderson, told our news centre yesterday that high schools across the country could be short of the specialist teachers at the start of the new school year next month.

And, last evening during Nationwide @ 5, two secondary school principals expressed concerns about the increase in number of specialist mathematics and science teachers who’re migrating.

Acting Chief Education Officer, Winnie Berry, was first reluctant to admit that the number of specialist teachers who’re migrating is on the rise. 

She says the ministry conducted an audit of the human resource skills available in the system.

Winnie Berry, Acting Chief Education Officer.

Meanwhile, Principal of Jonathan Grant High School, Dr. Oneil Ankle, says he and many of his colleagues are now worried about how many of their teachers will return to school next month for the start of the school year. 

He says sometimes it’s on the first day of a new school year that principals learn that a teacher has migrated. 

Dr Ankle agrees that teachers of Mathematics and Science subjects should be paid more than their colleagues.

But, he says Jamaica isn’t in a financial position to compete with foreign recruiters. 

Dr Oneil Ankle, Principal of Jonathan Grant High School.

Meanwhile, Principal of the Ardenne High, Nadine Molloy, says teachers migrate for a number of reasons.

Nadine Molloy, Principal of the Ardenne High School. 

In the meantime, the country’s Acting Chief Education Officer, is urging schools to submit information about their needs to the Education Ministry. 

Winnie Berry, Acting Chief Education Officer.

They were speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5 with Cliff Hughes and Kemesha Kelly. 

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