St Catherine Residents Give Mixed Reaction to Ending of SOE


Several St Catherine North residents and stakeholders expressed mixed views on the Opposition’s decision not to support another extension of the States of Public Emergency across the country.

This, after Opposition Leader, Dr Peter Phillips, told the Lower House that his members wouldn’t support a further extension of the special security measures in St. James, St Catherine North and sections of the Corporate Area.

The majority of stakeholders say they’re in favor of extending the special security measure. Under an ominous sky two vendors shared their thoughts on what lifting the states of emergency will mean for places like Spanish Town.

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And despite a range of views on our second visit to the St Catherine North state of public emergency, the majority of residents and business owners were still in favour of the security measure.

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But some were only too anxious to see the end of the crime-fighting measure. Among them a police officer in uniform who says his bar was closed under the SOPE.

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Others appeared indifferent to the measure.

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