St James Communities in Fear of Marauding Criminals

Residents of a number of communities in St. James are living in fear, as young men brandishing high powered weapons are extorting bus and taxi operators.

That’s according to a woman who called into Cliff Hughes Online this morning, identifying herself as Miss G.

She says the men– who all appear to be younger than 25-years old– are on the road conducting extortionate activities, on a daily basis.

Miss G says the communities include Retrieve in the parish.

She says it’s been happening for about two years now.

Miss. G says there’s no police presence in the area.

However, Head of Operations for the St. James Police, Superintendent Gary McKenzie, says the police are presently conducting ongoing operations in the community of Retrieve.

He says there’ve been instances where police are attacked while conducting operations in the community.

Superintendent McKenzie says it’s not easy to police the community. He says the criminals strategically set up what he calls ‘outposts’ and alert their cronies when strange persons enter.

He says this makes it difficult for the police to carry out undercover or ‘covert’ operations.

Superintendent McKenzie is encouraging residents to provide any information they might have to the Police.