St James Minority on Troupe


The minority caucus in the St. James Parish Council is demanding that the Mayor of Montego Bay, Glendon Harris, make public a report made to him regarding an alleged visa fraud that has implicated his Deputy, Michael Troupe.

On Friday, Deputy Mayor Troupe told our news center that the United States embassy in Kingston and the Police are investigating the circumstances in which PNPYO Chairman for West Central St. James, Chevan Maxwell, presented a letter of recommendation bearing his name.

The letter falsely stated that Maxwell was an employee of the St. James Parish Council.

Deputy Mayor Troupe has alleged that his signature was forged.

On Friday, Secretary Manager of the St. James Parish Council, Gerald Lee, confirmed reports reaching our news center that he was contacted by the US embassy regarding the suspected fraudulent attempt to obtain a visa.

Mr. Lee said he wrote a report to Mayor Harris, who’s chairman of the St. James parish council.

Leader of the minority caucus in the parish council, the JLP’s Charles Sinclair says over the weekend he demanded that Mr. Lee and Mayor Harris not hold the report in secrecy but disclose its contents to the parish council.

Mr. Sinclair says he’s also called for disclosure of correspondence that was written on the council’s letter head bearing Michael Troupe’s name and used in support of Maxwell’s visa application.

Mr. Sinclair says he’s also concerned about reports that the letter head of the St. James Parish Council was used in a questionable way.

He says Secretary Manager Lee and Chairman Harris should address how the PNPYO chairman for West Central St. James,came into custody of the parish council’s property.

Meantime … the JLP’s Area Council 4 on Sunday turned up the heat on Deputy Mayor Troupe by passing a resolution calling for the controversial public official to step aside.

The resolution demanded that Local Government Minister, Noel Arscott take action in light of the latest controversy surrounding Mayor Troupe.