St Thomas Men Released following St Thomas Protests

Two men detained following a protest for better roads in St. Thomas on Monday have been released.

The men Omar Ryan and Andrew Turner were released from police lockup last evening at about 8:50.

This was confirmed by Ryan’s attorney Bert Samuels.

Mr. Samuels says they’ve also not been charged.

Mr. Ryan was the organiser of the protest while Turner was a participant.

Ryan was being held at the Constant Spring Police station while Turner was being held at the Denham Town police station.

They were arrested on suspicion of malicious destruction of property and other criminal activity in St. Thomas.

Ryan was detained after protesters started hurling stones at a police vehicle and burning tyres.

However, Mr. Samuels says his client organised a peaceful protest and made attempts to stop the violence.
He says Ryan also denounced the violence during a radio interview.

He told the court yesterday that his client was only arrested because he was the organizer of the protest.