St Thomas Mom Returns to Court November 15 in Child Abuse Case

Doreen Dyer, the woman caught on camera beating her daughter with a machete, had her bail extended until November 15.

The date was set when the matter was called up in the St. Thomas parish court this morning.

Dyer’s Attorney, Bertram Anderson, told the judge he needed more time to prepare his case, as he hasn’t received full disclosure from the Clerk of Court.

He says he was awaiting details of the allegations against his client and statements made in the matter.

Dyer was not asked to plea. Her bail was extended until her next court appearance.

Dancehall entertainer, Mr. Vegas, was at the St. Thomas Parish Court, supporting Dyer and her family. He told the media that it’s important for people to see him supporting the child.

Mr. Vegas — whose given name is Clifford Smith — says he’s hoping Dyer won’t be imprisoned. He says he’s raising money to help the family.

Mr. Vegas is reported to be helping with the family’s legal fees. But he declined to comment on that this morning.

Dyer was arrested and charged after police investigated the circumstances surrounding a video which had gone viral.

In the video, a woman was seen — dressed only in her underwear — beating a child with a machete. The police say the incident happened last November.

Dyer has subsequently expressed regret for her actions.

Several members of her community of Bath, in St. Thomas, have called on authorities to be lenient on her, claiming she’s a good mother.