Start Converting Seven-Digit Phone Numbers Now!

Customers of both major telecommunications companies are being urged to begin converting phone numbers saved in the seven digit format.

Regional Communications Manager of Telecommunications Provider, Digicel, Elon Parkinson has suggested two applications smart users may download to assist them in the transition to using a ten digit number.

However, Director of Corporate Communications & Stakeholder Management at Flow, Kayon Mitchell is encouraging non-smart phone users to start the process of transition early.

It’s anticipated that these users will have to re-save all their contacts manually.

They were both speaking on Nationwide’s This Morning with Dennis Brooks and Patria-Kaye Aarons.

The Office of Utilities Regulation, OUR, is hoping the new area code 658 will last for 10 years. But, Public Education Specialist at the OUR, Elizabeth Bennett Marsh says that will depend on the demand for new numbers. The prediction was for the 876 area code to last 20 years. However after 13-years, that had to be revisited.


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