Statistics Confirm 2017 as Stand-out Rainy Year

Data obtained from the Met Service reveals that higher than average rainfall for 2017; has made this year the wettest since 2010.

Moreover, the statistics also show that 2017 is one of the wettest years in the last 20-years.

The Met Service says above average rainfall, in usually dry months, have contributed to this year’s average.

And, it’s predicting above average rainfall for the final two months of this year.

The rainfall data is particularly of moment because of the flash flood earlier this week that left sections of the Western City under water and mud.

Statistics from the Met Service show the average rainfall for the island up to October this year is above 1-hundred-and-77 millilitres.

That means 2017 is the fourth wettest year, in terms of average rainfall, in the past 21-years.

Director of the Met Office, Evan Thompson, says weather models and forecasts are showing that the country can expect more of the above average rainy days for the rest of the year.

He says the months of March and April are usually dry months, but this year those months recorded higher than average rainfall.

During the 21-year period under review, 2010 is the year with the most rainfall since 1996.

That year recorded about 190-millilitres of average rainfall. The second wettest year is 2007, which recorded about 184-millilitres of average rainfall.

2008 is next; recording just below 178-millilitres of average rainfall — a marginally higher average than 2017.