Status of Shortwood Principal Depending on Sentence

Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, says Dr. Christopher Clarke’s continued status as Principal of Shortwood Teachers’ College will depend on the type of sentence he receives.

Clarke — who’s been found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving — is to be sentenced next Tuesday, March 7.

Minister Reid says he’s in talks with the Chairman of Shortwood Teacher’s College about Clarke’s continued leadership of the institution.

Clarke is the 13th principal of Shortwood Teachers’ College. He made history by becoming the first male to be appointed Principal of the 132-year-old teachers’ college.

Clarke has been associated with Shortwood for 28 years, rising through the ranks from a lecturer to become principal.

Minister Reid says the Education Regulations don’t allow for the removal of a principal solely on the basis of a criminal conviction.

He says the Jamaica Teaching Council bill before Parliament will address this concern.