Still No Board Report from Clark’s Town Primary following Assault on Schoolboy

Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, says he’s still awaiting a formal report from the board of the Clark’s Town Primary School in Trelawny, where a 7-year-old boy was assaulted by his peers.

Speaking with members of the media yesterday afternoon following an Early Childhood Development conference in St James, Mr. Reid says he expects a report from the board by the end of November.

Senator Reid says reports from the Education Ministry’s regional office and the Child Development Agency, CDA, indicate that the school should’ve treated the matter as a critical incident.

The law currently provides for the school board, after a full hearing and investigation, the option of determining if there should be a further suspension, expulsion or reprimand of the students involved.

Two weeks ago, the boy was reportedly held down by other students and assaulted.