Stone Throwers Force Silvera into Evasive Action

The MP for Western St. Mary, the PNP’s Jolyan Silvera says he and his supporters had to take evasive action yesterday, while on a tour of the constituency.

Mr. Silvera says the convoy he was travelling in was attacked by persons throwing stones.

Mr. Silvera says the Police have been informed.

Meanwhile the Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown says the incident has not yet been reported to her.

A shopkeeper in Cascade, St. Mary, Alrick Spencer, is accusing some PNP supporters in West St. Mary of intimidation.

Mr. Spencer says he has made a report to the Police, after being attacked last evening by a supporter of Mr. Silvera.

Mr. Spencer says his shop was stormed by PNP supporters.

When contacted this afternoon, Mr. Silvera said he had no knowledge of any act of intimidation by his supporters.

He also denied reports which claim he was attacked by a group of his own supporters in the constituency.


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