Students’ Council Chides St Hilda’s

The National Secondary Students’ Council, NSSC, says it’s appalled at the decision by administrators at the St. Hilda’s High School in St. Ann, to strip 16-year old Jade Bascoe of her position as Head Girl, because she’s a Jehovah’s Witness.

The school made the decision after learning that Jade’s mother, Rhonda Clarke had identified, “Jehovah’s Witness” as her religion, on Jade’s school entry form four years ago.

The General Secretary of the NSSC, Oshnel Bryan, says the decision is backward and highly discriminatory.

Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites says the school should reconsider its decision.

While the President of the National Parent Teacher Association, Everton Hannam, says the student must be reinstated and an apology given.

Mr. Bryan is also calling for a reversal of the decision.


Jevon is a Reporter/Producer/Presenter with NNN. He holds a BA in Mass Communication (Journalism: emphasis) from Northern Caribbean University (NCU).