Suspects In Custody in Connection with Four Hanover Murders

The Hanover police has reported that suspects are currently in custody for four murders which took place in the parish since the start of the year.

All four took place during the first six days of January, in the Sandy Bay police division.

The four killed are 49-year-old Richard Crooks of Haddington, 27-year-old Keno Ottey of Bamboo, 48-year-old Annette Smith and 54-year-old Weston Garvey of Camp Road in Hopewell.

The common law couple, Smith and Garvey were killed last week Friday at their home.

Earlier this week, the police had listed the couple’s son, 31-year-old Ricardo Garvey, otherwise called ‘Trooper’ as a person of interest.

Superintendent of police in charge of the Hanover Police Division, Sharon Beeput on Thursday told a meeting of the Hanover Municipal Corporation that the man has yet to turn himself in to the police

Superintendent Beeput says the police are doing their best to protect the remaining family members.

She says domestic disputes have become a serious issue in the parish.

Last year, between January and December, there was a total of 60 murders committed within the parish.