Suspects Released after End of St James SOE Helping to Drive Murders Up 82%


Commanding Officer for St. James, Superintendent Vernon Ellis, says criminal suspects who the Police were forced to release at the end of the State of Public Emergency, have contributed to an 82-per cent increase in murders in the parish this year compared to last year.

Superintendent Ellis says perpetrators of violent crime who fled St. James during the enhanced security measures have also contributed to the spike in murders.

The state of public emergency in St. James ended on January 31, following a decision by the Opposition a few weeks earlier not to support a further extension.

The latest figures from the Police show that so far 42 people have been murdered in St. James this year compared to only 23 over the corresponding period for last year. This means murders in St. James have increased by approximately 82-per cent.

Commanding Officer Ellis says criminal suspects who were released from custody due to the expiration of State of Public Emergency in St. James are creating problems in some areas of the parish.

Superintendent Ellis declined to comment on whether he’d support another State of Public Emergency being put in place in St. James.

The Commanding Officer for St. James says despite the 82-per cent spike in murders in the parish this year, the Police have made some significant gains.

Superintendent Ellis is lauding law abiding residents of St. James for assisting the Police in their bid to contain violent crime.


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