‘Tax Break is Still Doable’ – John Jackson

Chartered accountant and businessman, John Jackson, says funding is not a major issue for the government, as it prepares to implement it’s plan of giving income tax relief to those earning up to $1.5-million per annum.

This, despite the revelation from Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, that one of the main sources of funding for the tax break is not available.

John Jackson says people are unduly perturbed about the funding of the Holness administration’s income tax plan.

Mr. Jackson says the tax break will actually cost the government less than they had projected.

Meanwhile, University Lecturer, Dr. Andre Haughton says Finance Minister Audley Shaw may have been testing the waters to see how Jamaicans would react to a delay in the implementation of the tax break.

Dr. Haughton says the government may need to consider additional taxes to compensate for the unavailability of the Energy Stabilization Fund.


3 thoughts on “‘Tax Break is Still Doable’ – John Jackson

  1. Scott

    Let the spin begin!

    To the chagrin of the fourth estate, no journalists have done an in-depth research to prove/disprove this 1.5M threshold.

    Tax czar Joe Matalon said it’s unworkable. As a layman I concur with his views.

    The JLP inched to power on this dubious promise and has no credibility whatsoever.

  2. Tom Strokes115

    The tax plan is workable and there is no doubt in my mind about that. A budget process is one where resources are allocated, therefore the big question is: how the allocation will be done?.

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