Tax Revenues Hailed as Proof of Successful Tax Shift

Robust tax revenue performance is being hailed as an indicator of the success of the government’s strategy of shifting to indirect taxation and the $1.5-million tax break.

State Minister of Finance, Fayval Williams, declared in Parliament yesterday, that the $1.5-million tax break has been a success.

Today, the PIOJ’s boss, Dr. Wayne Henry, agreed as he addressed Parliament’s PAAC.

During her Sectoral Debate presentation yesterday, State Minister Williams cited tax revenue performance as proof of the success of the government’s so-called $1.5-million tax break.

Mrs. Williams says it’s clear the $1.5-million tax break has moved the country in the right direction.

Today, she was supported by PIOJ’s Director General, Dr. Wayne Henry.

Dr. Henry says, based on the assessment done by his office, the overall effect of the tax package has been positive. But he notes there’s a middle group which has suffered negatively.

Dr. Henry says a comprehensive programme for overall poverty reduction will be submitted to Cabinet soon to address this problem.