Taxi Operators Demand Reparations!!

Head of the Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators, JATOO, Louis Barton, says his members need reparations for having fees illegally extracted from them by the Transport Authority.

Just last Friday, the Senate passed a law protecting the Transport Authority against possible legal action for inadvertently collecting fees from motorists without the proper legislation.

The Transport Authority Validation and Indemnity Act of 2018 covers the period between 1989 and 2015.

Prior legislation passed in 2015 brought the Transport Authority in line with proper procedure.

However, lawmakers say the fees collected before that period were received in good faith necessitating the need for the Indemnity Act.

But, Mr. Barton says the move is contradictory to good governance.

Barton says JATOO will be formally seeking a legal opinion on the issue.

Mr. Barton says the approach taken by parliament to ensuring that the Government cannot be sued in relation to the illegal collection of the fees is both morally and economically wrong.


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