Teacher Shortage Looms – 3 Weeks Ahead Of School Reopening – JTA President


President of the Jamaica Teachers Association, JTA, Dr. Garth Anderson, says high schools across the country could be short of specialist mathematics and science teachers come the new school year, in 3 weeks.

Dr. Anderson says school administrators are indicating that math and science teachers are moving to North America and Japan.

He’s calling on the government to incentivise teachers to remain in Jamaica.

In a statement yesterday, the Education Ministry said secondary school principals who’re facing challenges identifying Mathematics and Science teachers are encouraged to contact with The Mico University College and the Church Teachers’ College for support.

This as 176 students completed a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education under a scholarship programme initiated by the Ministry in 2015.

Students specialized in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Technical and Vocation Education.

But, Dr. Anderson says the rate at which teachers are entering the system isn’t enough to compensate for the rate at which they are leaving.

Dr. Garth Anderson President of the JTA, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

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One thought on “Teacher Shortage Looms – 3 Weeks Ahead Of School Reopening – JTA President

  1. Dorrett Levy

    All of you so called young politicians and young people who are going to remain young all your lives “be ye careful ” You all are behaving as if unu no have no “brought-up-cy” as me granny would say. You all need to honor the older heads and show respect. You are all hurrying to get to the top only to discover that you can not do any better than those who were there. Show respect and wait your turns. You all need to examine yourselves and unite the noble PNP with dignity and love. Unu are a disgrace to PNP. You all are behaving like labourites(stupid). My advice to you all scrap the elections and move ahead as one party with one goal. Whatever you have to offer do it while you follow. Or you might be surprised when you lead . Remember “karma is a bitch” . And I speak this in the name of JESUS.


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