Teachers Restive After Rejecting Govt’s Opening Offer

President of the JTA, Georgia Waugh Richards, says teachers are restive after rejecting the government’s opening offer of a 6-percent salary increase over two years.

The proposal was presented to the JTA membership at their annual general conference in St. James.

Mrs. Waugh Richards says they submitted a 20-point wage claim, but would not say how much of an increase teachers are seeking.

However, she says the teachers have rejected the 6-percent offer.

The 6-percent offer is higher than the government’s opening offer during negotiations with teachers in the last contract period, 2015 to 2017.

At that time, the government had initially offered 5-percent over two years.

The JTA eventually settled for 7-percent over the period.

Mrs. Waugh Richards says the teachers aren’t happy with the current offer.