Technology Minister Bullish about Bauxite & Alumina Sector Outlook

Technology Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, says due to developments in the bauxite and alumina sector, he is of the opinion the country has a bright and prosperous future in the industry.

Dr Wheatley pointed to five optimistic developments in the sector. The Minister highlighted a 6-billion US dollar development under the new owners of Alpart, Jiuquan Iron & Steel Group Company Limited, JISCO.

Dr Wheatley also noted that the prospects for the industry are becoming increasingly more favourable as the global demand for aluminium strengthens which has resulted in a continual rise in alumina benchmark prices.

Dr Wheatley also gave prominence to the country’s economic performance and highly specialized skilled workforce.

However, the minister noted that over the years the industry has experienced some challenges.

Dr. Andrew Wheatlety was addressing the 24th Bauxite and Alumina conference in St James on Wednesday. The conference is being held from February 28 to March 1 at the Hilton Rose Hall Hotel in the parish.


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